Bad credit.

While getting a mortgage in today’s market with bad credit isn't easy, its not impossible. An increasing number of mortgage lenders are assessing mortgage applications manually, which allows for an better understanding by the lender of the reasons for past problems, leading to more application being accepted.

Bad credit mortgages generally is a term used for applicants with missed secured or unsecured loan/mortgage repayments, a CCJ or default recorded against them, or an IVA, debt management plan or discharged bankruptcy. 

Finding lenders likely to approve your application can be complicated and confusing as not all lenders are customer facing on the high street. Which is where Mortgage321 will be able to assist. We know the mortgage market, including which lenders offer terms for those applicants with bad credit. It's important that a mortgage application with bad credit is packaged in the correct way, with logic that a lender will accept and reasoning to explain the presence of the bad credit. Make sure you're dealing with a broker who know what they're doing, to avoid being declined.

Our specialist team assist many clients with bad credit backgrounds every year, so you're in very safe hands.

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​Your credit score gives a mortgage lender an idea as to how well you manage money and the level of risk they are taking if they loan you money. The lower your credit score, the higher the risk lenders will consider you to be.

Lenders look at your credit score as well as your ability to make the repayments before deciding whether to approve your mortgage. Generally, lenders use reports from one or more of the 4 main credit reference agencies, Experian, Equifax, Crediva and TransUnion, who calculate your credit score and produce a report for the lender.

Not having a credit history can also have a negative impact on your credit score, in just the same way as late payments.

Regardless as to the reasons, if you have a bad credit rating, your ability to get any type of credit will be limited and if you’re considering buying a new home, you’ll be best speaking to one of our specialists, who can help even if your bad credit is current.

Credit scores - how do they work?

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