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Mortgage321 Case Study: Assisting Miss I, Empathy and Guidance in Mortgage Consulting

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

At Mortgage321, we pride ourselves not only on our ability to secure mortgages for our clients but also on our compassionate and supportive approach, especially when the path to a mortgage is fraught with financial challenges.

This case study highlights our recent interaction with a client (referred to here as "Our Client" for confidentiality) and showcases our commitment to providing tailored guidance, even in situations where immediate mortgage assistance isn't feasible.

Image of a supportive mortgage consultant advising a client, symbolizing Mortgage321's commitment to helping individuals navigate complex financial challenges.
Overcoming Financial Hurdles: A Journey of Mortgage Guidance and Support

Client Background

Our Client, a single mother working for HMRC, approached us with a desire to secure a mortgage for a property that was, under complex circumstances, in her ex-partner’s name. Despite her consistent financial contributions towards the property, her credit history had been adversely affected by a series of unfortunate events and financial setbacks, mainly attributed to her past relationship.

Challenges Faced

Upon reviewing Our Client's financial situation, it was evident that several hurdles stood in the way of securing a mortgage:

  1. Persistent arrears with multiple creditors.

  2. Multiple County Court Judgments (CCJs), with the latest scheduled to be removed in November 2024.

  3. A complex history of debt, partially not of her own making.

Our Approach

Mortgage321 approached this situation with a blend of realism and optimism. Understanding the gravity of Our Client’s financial challenges, we provided a clear, honest assessment of her credit report. This included explaining the impact of her current arrears and CCJs on her ability to secure a mortgage.

Despite acknowledging that a mortgage was not feasible at the present moment, we did not stop there. We offered a sympathetic ear and a helping hand, guiding Our Client through the steps she could take to improve her financial situation. These included:

  • Prioritising current arrears.

  • Disputing inaccuracies on her credit report.

  • Creating a structured payment plan for existing debts.

  • Seeking financial counselling for more personalised advice.

Empathy in Action

Throughout our interaction, we maintained a tone of empathy and support. Recognising the emotional and financial stress Our Client was under, we assured her that her efforts to rectify her situation were seen and valued. We emphasised that while the journey might be challenging, it was not impossible, and we were there to support her every step of the way.


This case exemplifies Mortgage321’s ethos of providing client-centered service. Our role extends beyond mere transactional interactions; we are here to guide, support, and empower our clients. Our Client’s story is one of many, reflecting the complexities of personal finance and the importance of compassionate guidance in the mortgage industry.

While Our Client is currently working towards improving her financial standing, Mortgage321 remains committed to assisting her in the future, once she is in a position to reconsider her mortgage options.

Note: Client confidentiality is paramount at Mortgage321. Details in this case study have been altered to maintain the anonymity of our client.

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