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Who we are.

In 2009, Mortgage321 was established to help home-buyers with complex financial and credit backgrounds find the right mortgage.

We understand that gaining a mortgage can seem a complicated process, but our mortgage advisers have the experience and knowledge to fully advise and assist you throughout the home buying, moving or remortgaging process to ensure you receive the right support guidance and advice.

Mortgage321 are proud to partner with one of the UK's largest financial advice networks, Ingard Financial Limited.


It’s our combination of dedication, speed and agility in doing things properly that has made Mortgage321 the established broker it is today.


First time buyers.

Our first-time buyer mortgage service will answer all your questions about buying your home, giving you a much better idea of the type of property you can afford, ensuring you have a better chance of being accepted.

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Mortgage321 Moving House

Moving home.

Moving home can feel overwhelming, but our mortgage service focuses on finding a mortgage deal that suits your needs, while keeping monthly payments realistic and affordable.



Whether your mortgage is coming to an end, or you’re looking to  borrowing more money for home improvements or consolidating debt, our remortgage team is tenacious at finding you a better deal than ever.

Mortgage321 Remortgage Service
Mortgage321 Self-employed mortgage


Many self-employed professionals wrongly believe that they may struggle to get a mortgage because of the way they trade their businesses. As a mortgage specialist, Mortgage321 has access to many lenders that will happily lend to the self-employed, Company directors and contractors, even with as little as 1 years accounts.


Bad credit

Your credit score can be harmed by any number of factors, but there are some clear causes why you might have a low credit score and may have been declined a mortgage.​ Mortgage321 has access to many lenders offering a sympathetic view on these types of detriments, even if the credit problem has occurred within the last 3 months.

Mortgage321 Bad Credit Mortgage
Mortgage321 New homes

New homes.

Buying a brand new home is really exciting but can sometimes seem complicated! If you're buying direct from a developer or builder our impartial new homes team will focus on finding you the deal that best suits your needs with affordable monthly payments.


Help to buy.

Help to buy equity loan scheme can help first time buyers get on the property ladder with just 5% desposit and an equity loan from the Government. Mortgage321 has extensive experience with Help to buy through its relationship with national builders. 

Mortgage321 Help to buy
Mortgage321 Buy to let


A experienced mortgage broker is indispensable for buy to let portfolio success. For expert advice in securing the most competitive buy to let mortgage deals or maximising your borrowing, factor our buy to let mortgage service into your plans.


Your buy to let property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


Let to buy.

Need to let out your old home to afford your new one? No problem. With our in-house experts involved, you’ll have things progressing in no time.

Mortgage321 Let to buy
Mortgage321 Limited Company Mortgage

Limited Company.

Taking out a buy to let mortgage as a limited Company may be the more cost-effective option for you. Speak to us to find out how.


Mortgage protection.

When you look at mortgage protection our protection advice makes all the difference to keep you safely in your new home. Our protection advisers will find you the most competitive protection products, saving you money and protecting the roof over your head.

Mortgage321 Mortgage Protection
Mortgage321 Best Deal

Ready to discuss your mortgage options?


About us.

Mortgage321 was established in 2009. Its principle, Matthew Pigrome, had the vision of building a ethical, credible a professional mortgage brokers specialising in arranging mortgages for clients with a wide range of complex income and credit backgrounds. 

Since then, we have evolved into a fully-fledged brokerage, where our mortgage experts will guide you through the process of your application with the minimal of disruption on your time. Running a small team of advisers we are able to respond quickly to your enquiry and provide you with a personal service with one point of contact throughout your application.

We pride ourselves on our efficient personal service, using our expertise to know which lender to approach, avoiding many of the delays often encountered during the application process, whilst also being able to utilise our network of key industry contacts to make bespoke agreements or get things processed more quickly.

It’s our combination of dedication, speed and agility in doing things properly that has made Mortgage321 the established broker it is today.



Our fee structure is based on three decisions; the loan amount, the complexity of your borrowing needs and whether we are arranging the mortgage for you, or providing an advice-only service.

We do not charge a fee unless your decide to go ahead with our advice.

​We will typically charge a fee of 0.5% of the amount borrowed for residential mortgage advice.

Where cases are complex or involve a restricted access to credit, we estimate that the fee will be 1% of the amount borrowed.

In all cases £200 of the total fee will be payable at the time of your application to the lender, with the balance payable ONLY when you receive your formal offer of mortgage.

For example; on a mortgage of £100,000 the total fee would be £500. £200 of this fee is payable on your application to the lender and £300.00 payable when you receive your formal offer of mortgage. This fee generally applies to standard mortgages.


Speak to us first. 

As mortgage experts, we're here to assist you in finding the right mortgage, whatever your situation, whether this is your first purchase, you're moving home, looking at a buy to let, have bad credit, or are looking to remortgage to raise money or find a better rate with a lower payment.

 Or call 0800 612 8292 or 01255 440142

Lines are open Monday to Saturday 9am to 10pm 

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