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Getting the right mortgage for you in these challenging times isn’t easy.

You’ll be subject to credit score checks, assessed on your income and outgoings, asked whether you've been furloughed or received an SEISS grant, and that's before you reach choosing a ‘mortgage product’. 


As experts in arranging mortgages, we can assist you in finding the right mortgage for you, whatever your situation, whether your transaction is a purchase, buy to let, you have bad credit, are a first-time buyers or looking to remortgage to raise money or find a better rate with a lower payment.

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Complex credit.

Your credit score can be harmed by any number of factors, but there are some clear causes why you might have a low credit score and may have been declined a mortgage.

  • Defaults, County Court Judgements, Late Repayments

  • Mortgage Arrears or a Poor Payment Profile

  • Self-employed with 1 Years Accounts

  • Multiple Income Streams or a Contractor

  • Large Amount of Credit Commitments 

  • Discharged Bankrupt

  • Payday Loans or Debt Management Plans

Mortgage321 has access to many lenders, offering a sympathetic view on these detriments, even if the problem occurred within the last 3 months.

Buyers guide.

What you need to know about the different stages of buying a property

Access to over 12000+ mortgages.

At Mortgage321 we compare more than 12,000* mortgages, accessing almost every lender in the mortgage market, using the latest mortgage sourcing software.

Our recommendation is based on the true cost of borrowing over the initial introductory period of your new mortgage, including everything you will pay during that 2, 3, 5 or 10 years benefit period. True cost includes all fees and incentives, like cashback and free valuations from lenders, not just the monthly mortgage payments.


True cost is a great tool for comparing different types of mortgages because interest rates alone can not tell you which is the cheapest. For example, a mortgage might have a lower monthly repayment, but end up costing more in total over the initial introductory period because of associated fees charged.

When we compare different mortgage deals for you, we don’t stop at just the monthly repayments alone, we look deeper at the true cost to see which deal is the cheapest overall for you.

Why not find out which mortgage deal is the cheapest for you by contacting us?

Even if you have a bad credit file we can still help you gain a cost effective mortgage deal.


More options than your bank.

We've got relationships with all the major banks and we're totally unbiased.


More options? That adds up to better rates and better solutions.

We'll search the whole of market: 12,000+ mortgages from 90+ lenders, to find you the lowest cost mortgage available to you.

More than just a comparison site.

We don’t just find you the lowest cost  mortgage – we actually make sure you qualify for it. We also do all of the paperwork for you too.

What’s more, we'll work with you to find the lowest cost lawyer and liaise with your estate agent at no extra cost. 

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You can connect with us through Phone/Email/WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom/Teams

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First time buyers.

We understand that nothing beats the feeling of buying your first property. This is why, at Mortgage321 we are experts in arranging first-time buyer mortgages!

While you sit back and relax, we’ll sort out the mortgage for you to make sure you breeze through the process of obtaining the best deal.

You’ll never get tangled in financial jargon, legal terms, or the paperwork because our team will take care of everything for you, making it simple, smart and flexible.


From the initial mortgage comparisons to the final paperwork, we’ll do it all, while you focus on the happy prospect ahead.


Many self-employed professionals wrongly believe that they may struggle to get a mortgage because of the way they trade.

While it’s true that many mortgage lenders prefer customers to be in full-time employment, there are great deals for business owners, contractors and freelancers out there.

The most common problem for the self-employed applying for a mortgage is only having one year of accounts, or a low average income over the last few years. A big increase in your income can also prove problematic. 

Mortgage321 has access to many lenders that will happily lend to the self-employed, Company directors or contractors.


We do more than negotiate the cheapest deal.

Here's a snapshot of what we'll do for you:

  • Help figure out how much you can afford to borrow

  • Gain an approval for a mortgage, even if you have bad credit 

  • Send a mortgage certificate confirming your agreement with the lender  

  • Provide a clear illustration of the monthly repayments and costs before you proceed

  • Help instruct your mortgage valuation or property survey

  • Gain a great deal from a lender based upon your individual circumstance 

  • Liaise with your estate agents and if you're using Help to Buy, we'll do that paperwork for you too

  • Obtain a competitive conveyancing quotation for your transaction

  • Provide you with a competitive price for protecting your mortgage*

  • Provide regular updates as your application progresses through WhatsApp/email/Zoom/Skype

  • Act fairly, simply and clearly in all communication we have with you

We're always just an message or a call away if you get stuck with something. No question is a stupid question in our books.

Buyers guide.

What you need to know about the different stages of buying a property

How much could I borrow?

Helpful information about how lenders will calculate your borrowing


Do I need life assurance for my mortgage?

When you die, your mortgage doesn’t go away. If you have a partner, children, or elderly parents who rely on you, getting life assurance means they’ll be able to pay off your mortgage if you’re not around.

Fair and transparent plans

Protecting your mortgage.


When you’re a Mortgage321 client, you can access whole of market life assurance and critical illness advice to cover your mortgage. In partnership with Ingard Financial Ltd you can arrange super straightforward protection plans at the lowest cost.

Peace of mind is key

Protecting your




As with our mortgages, we recommend best price home insurance cover to meet your needs. Whether its buildings and/or contents insurance, landlords insurance, rental income guarantee, malicious damage by a tenant or home emergency cover, we can provide you with a competitive quote. 

Mortgage321 Remortgage Help Desk

So what's stopping you getting a free mortgage review?

People often think that having a mortgage review means tons of tricky forms and ultimately changing banks. It doesn't have to be like that.

It's time to find a better deal.

A mortgage review could save you thousands in interest, allowing you to have some extra cash when you really need it and it's not only about getting a better interest rate, it's about structuring the mortgage in the right way too.

That's where a good mortgage broker working for you comes in, and we've got it covered.

Getting an extra 0.25% off your interest rate adds up to thousands of pounds saved  - especially if you keep your repayments the same as this may reduce your mortgage term.

If things are getting tight, you may have the option to reduce your repayments significantly without increasing the life of your loan.


Yep, we're not talking small change here.

Contact us today and see how much you could save.



Mortgage321 has been around for over a decade now. Its principle, Matthew Pigrome, had the vision of building a ethical, credible a professional mortgage brokers specialising in arranging bespoke mortgages for clients with a wide range of complex income and credit backgrounds. 

Since then, we have evolved into a fully-fledged brokerage, where our mortgage experts will guide you through the process of your application with the minimal of disruption on your time. Running a small team of advisers we are able to respond quickly to your enquiry and provide you with a personal service with one point of contact throughout your application.

We pride ourselves on our efficient personal service, using our expertise to know which lender to approach, avoiding many of the delays often encountered during the application process, whilst also being able to utilise our network of key industry contacts to make bespoke agreements or get things processed more quickly.

It’s our combination of dedication, speed and agility in doing things properly that has made Mortgage321 the established broker it is today

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Our Charges

Our fee structure is based on three decisions; the loan amount, the complexity of your borrowing needs and whether we are arranging the mortgage for you, or providing an advice-only service.

We do not charge a fee unless your decide to go ahead with our advice.

​We will charge a fee of 0.5% of the loan for residential mortgage advice.

Where cases are complex or involve a restricted access to credit, we estimate that the fee will be 1% of the loan.

In all cases £200.00 of the total fee will be payable at the time of your application to the lender, with the balance payable ONLY when you receive your formal offer of mortgage from the recommended lender.

For example; on a mortgage of £100,000 the total fee would be £500. £200 of this fee is payable on your application to the lender and £300.00 payable when you receive your formal offer of mortgage. This fee generally applies to standard mortgages.


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