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Major Mortgage Rate Cuts by Barclays, Halifax, and NatWest Signal a Competitive Market

28th November 2023.

In a remarkable move this week, major lenders Barclays, Halifax, and NatWest have significantly reduced their mortgage rates, introducing deals under five percent.

This adjustment comes despite a slight increase in swap rates, a key factor in pricing mortgages, suggesting a strategic shift by lenders to stimulate business and enhance market activity.

A colorful graph showing a downward trend in mortgage rates, with corporate buildings of Barclays, Halifax, and NatWest in the background. A diverse group of people in business attire are gathered around, discussing and smiling, indicating a positive response to the rate reduction.
Charting Success: Diverse Professionals Celebrate as Major Banks Barclays, Halifax, and NatWest Drive Down Mortgage Rates

NatWest Leads with Competitive Offers

NatWest has taken a bold step with its two-year fixed remortgage, now at an attractive 4.87 percent, accompanied by a £1,495 fee, or a reduced £995 for qualifying Green deals. Additionally, they have introduced a no-fee, 5.64 percent five-year fixed mortgage for purchases at 95 percent Loan to Value (LTV), catering to a broad spectrum of borrowers.

Barclays and Halifax Join the Fray

Barclays has made significant reductions, up to 0.57 percent, in some remortgage products, and has also reduced rates across its 85 to 95 percent LTV purchase-only products. Halifax is not far behind, announcing reductions of up to 0.72 percent on several deals, intensifying the competitive landscape.

Industry Expert Comment

Matthew Pigrome of Mortgage321 views this trend as a clear signal of increasing competition among UK banks. He notes the excitement among borrowers due to these rate cuts, but also cautions about the timing in the mortgage process.

Implications for Borrowers

This latest round of rate cuts is excellent news for borrowers, offering more affordable borrowing options. The competition among lenders is likely to continue, potentially leading to even more favourable terms for customers. Borrowers are encouraged to review their current deals and consider the benefits of these new offerings.

As the market dynamics continue to evolve, staying informed and consulting with mortgage experts is crucial for making the best financial decisions in this rapidly changing landscape.

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