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Our Fee Structure
Based on Mortgage Type:

Residential Mortgages:

Our fee for residential mortgages is 0.5% of the borrowed amount, with a minimum fee of £1,000. An initial payment of £200 is required upon application, with the remaining balance due upon the issuance of a mortgage offer.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages:

For buy-to-let mortgages, our fee is 0.75% of the borrowed amount, with a minimum charge of £1,000. A £200 application fee is payable upfront, and the remaining balance is settled when the mortgage offer is issued.

Product Transfers:

We offer a straightforward fee structure for product transfers, with a flat fee of £500 due upon application.

Complex Cases:

In scenarios classified as complex cases, our fee increases to 1% of the borrowed amount, with a minimum fee of £1,000. Similar to other cases, there's an initial £200 payment upon application, with the balance payable upon receiving the mortgage offer.

Our fee structure is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique requirements of each mortgage situation. We're committed to providing tailored service from the beginning of your mortgage journey to its successful conclusion.

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