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Mortgage321 Case Study: Assisting Miss G, A Second-Time Homebuyer

Client Profile

  • Name: Miss G

  • Age: 34

  • Occupation: Housing Association Manager

  • Objective: To secure an affordable mortgage for purchasing a new property and receive guidance on selling her current property.

Professional woman in her mid-thirties, depicted as a housing association manager, sitting at a desk with mortgage documents, calculator, and laptop. In the background, a chart shows an upward trend in mortgage approvals, and there's a 'sold' sign on a house. The color scheme is predominantly blue, conveying a calm and professional atmosphere. 'Case Study' is written in elegant font at the top.
Empowering Homeownership: Rosie's Journey to Affordable Mortgage Solutions - A Mortgage321 Case Study

Financial Goals and Challenges

Miss G approached Mortgage321 with the aim of navigating the complex process of buying her second home. Her key goals and challenges were as follows:

  1. Affordable Mortgage: As a second-time homebuyer, Miss G sought a mortgage solution that aligned with her financial capacity, ensuring she could comfortably manage payments without overstretching her budget.

  2. Property Sale Advice: Miss G required professional advice on how to initiate selling her current property, a crucial step in her journey towards purchasing a new home.

  3. Existing Financial Commitments: A significant hurdle in Miss G's path was her outstanding loans and hire purchase agreements, which posed a risk to her mortgage affordability.

  4. Navigating the Buying Process: With uncertainties about the subsequent buying steps, Miss G needed clear guidance to confidently proceed with her home buying journey.

  5. Income-Based Affordability Concerns: Miss G was apprehensive about the mortgage affordability based on her income, particularly considering her existing financial obligations.

  6. Inclusion of Non-Court Ordered Maintenance: A unique aspect of Miss G’s case was the requirement to include non-court ordered maintenance income in the mortgage affordability assessment.

Mortgage321's Approach

Mortgage321 devised a tailored strategy to address Miss G's specific needs:

  1. Comprehensive Financial Assessment: Conducted a detailed analysis of Miss G’s financial situation, including income, existing debts, and other financial obligations.

  2. Mortgage Options Exploration: Explored various mortgage products to find one that best suited Miss G's financial circumstances and her goal of affordability.

  3. Property Sale Consultation: Provided expert advice on the process of selling her current property, including valuation, market trends, and timing considerations.

  4. Debt Management Advice: Offered solutions for managing her existing debts to improve her mortgage eligibility and overall financial health.

  5. Educating on the Buying Process: Guided Miss G through each step of the buying process, ensuring she understood and was comfortable with each stage.

  6. Negotiating with Lenders: Worked to negotiate with lenders to consider Miss G's non-court ordered maintenance income in the mortgage affordability calculation.


Mortgage321 successfully assisted Miss G in securing a mortgage that was affordable and aligned with her financial situation. Additionally, the guidance provided in selling her current property and managing her existing debts empowered Miss G to make informed decisions throughout her home buying journey.


Miss G’s case exemplifies Mortgage321's commitment to providing personalised mortgage solutions, particularly for complex cases involving multiple financial challenges. By addressing each of Miss G's concerns and leveraging our expertise in mortgage brokerage, we were able to facilitate a smooth transition for her into her new home, while ensuring her financial stability was maintained.

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